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Doors open at 9:30                       Class starts at 10:00am

Frosty Flurries.jpg

painted by Pam Stalker

original designer Chris Haughey 

Advanced payment Class Fee $15.00

At Class payment $18.00

Basecoated surfaces will be available at class for an additional $10.00 fee

Supplies are limited 

Decoart Americana Paints:

Antique Rose

Deep Burgundy

Green Tea

Jade Green


Navy Blue

Payne's Grey


Plantaion Pine

Prussian Blue

Snow White

Whispering Turquoise

Crystal Glamour Dust

Surface - 10" Snowflake (1/8" mdf) or choose your own surface and adjust the pattern to fit.

Snowflake Stencil

Modeling Paste if you would like textured snowflakes.

Favorite Brushes

Several wedge shaped cosmetic sponges.